Stratford casino – Westfield

Stratford casino photo

Stratford casino photo

The Stratford casino at Westfield Stratford City shopping centre is the biggest casino in Britain, and is open 24 hours a day.

Stratford casino poker room

The Aspers casino at Westfield Stratford has the largest poker room in London, with 300 permanent seats, extended to 500 seats for large tournaments.
Watch this video, and take a tour of the poker room:

Stratford casino bar

Stratford Westfield casino has two bars. The Sky bar is an elegant wine bar, serving cocktails, beers and champagnes. The Sky bar also hosts live music, often on Friday and Saturdays.
The Tanzibar is a 60-seat sports bar, with 27 wall-to-wall screens showing live sports events. It serves drinks and sandwiches.

Stratford casino restaurant

Clary’s Restaurant serves lunch, dinner and desserts. Lunch is available from 12 midday to 3pm. Chinese & grill menu from 12 midday to 3am. To make a reservation call 0208 536 5636.

Stratford casino dress code

The dress code is “smart, relaxed and stylish”. Soiled and ripped clothing is not allowed, tracksuits are not allowed. But jeans are allowed. See this page for more info. The video on this page also gives you a good idea of the dress code.

Aspers casino Stratford phone number

The casino telephone number is: +44 (0)20 8536 5636.

Stratford casino postcode

The casino’s postcode is: E20 1ET

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