Westfield London Christmas opening hours and closing hours

Westfield shopping

Westfield shopping

Westfield London changes its opening times and closing times at Xmas. Read on for more information about late night shopping at Westfield London.

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Westfield London Christmas opening hours

Christmas opening hours archive

If you wish to predict any future changes to Christmas holiday opening and closing hours at Westfield London, see below for past schedules.

2013 archive of opening hours:

Monday 25th November 10am – 10pm
Tuesday 26th November 10am – 10pm
Wednesday 27th November 10am – 10pm
Thur 28th November 10am – 11pm
Friday 29th November 10am – 11pm
Saturday 30th November 10am – 10pm
Sunday 1st December 11:30am – 6pm

Mon 2nd December 10am – 10pm
Tues 3rd December 10am – 10pm
Wed 4th December 10am – 10pm
Thur 5th December 10am – 10pm
Fri 6th December 10am – 10pm
Sat 7th December 10am – 10pm
Sun 8th December 11:30am – 6pm

Mon 9th December 10am – 10pm
Tues 10th December 10am – 10pm
Wed 11th December 10am – 10pm
Thur 12th December 10am – 10pm
Fri 13th December 10am – 10pm
Sat 14th December 10am – 10pm
Sun 15th December 11:30am – 6pm

Mon 16th December 10am – 11pm
Tues 17th December 10am – 11pm
Wed 18th December 10am – 11pm
Thur 19th December 10am – 11pm
Fri 20th December 10am – 11pm
Sat 21st December 9am – 11pm
Sun 22nd December 11:30am – 6pm

Mon 23rd December 8am – 12am
Tues 24th December – Christmas Eve 8am – 6pm
Wed 25th December – Christmas Day Closed
Thur 26th December – Boxing Day 8am – 11pm
Fri 27th December 9am – 11pm
Sat 28th December 9am – 11pm
Sun 29th December 11:30am – 6pm

Mon 30th December 10am – 10pm
Tues 31st December – New Years Eve 10am – 6pm
Wed 1st January 2014 – New Years Day 12pm – 6pm
Thur 2nd January 10am – 10pm
Fri 3rd January 10am – 10pm
Sat 4th January 10am – 10pm
Sun 5th January 11:30am – 6pm

2011 archive of opening hours:

Thursday 22nd Dec: 9am – 12am
Friday 23rd Dec: 9am – 12am
Saturday 24th Dec: 8am – 6pm
Christmas Day: Closed
Boxing Day: 9am – 10pm
Tuesday 27th Dec: 9am – 10pm
Wednesday 28th Dec: 9am – 10pm
Thursday 29th Dec: 9am – 10pm
Friday 30th Dec: 9am – 10pm
Saturday 31st Dec: 8am – 6pm
New Year’s Day: 12pm – 6pm
Monday 2nd Jan: 10am – 9pm
Tuesday 3rd Jan: 10am – 9pm
Wednesday 4th Jan: 10am – 9pm
Thursday 5th Jan: 10am – 10pm
Friday 6th Jan: 10am – 10pm

Westfield London shopping mall is hugely popular. Its 265 shops include: Debenhams, House of Fraser, Marks & Spencer, Next, Waitrose, Burberry, Calvin Klein Jeans, Gap and Boots.

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